• Found an off-market property through network
  • Saved the deal when original buyer backed out
  • Brought another contract to the seller for more than original offer
  • Negotiated lease on property prior to closing
  • Doubled value of property for new owner


  • Restaurant space
  • Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail
  • City of Atlanta
  • High Traffic Corridor

Value Add on Atlanta Beltline

Widespread Commercial was working with a group to identify restaurant opportunities. We happened to know someone that owned several off-market restaurant spaces. We made him a great offer, and negotiated a deal for a restaurant that sits right on the Eastside trail of the Atlanta Beltline.

The buyers we were working with ended up backing out during the due diligence period. However, our team was able to find another buyer who offered even more than our previous contract price.

Even at this higher price, our new buyer was paying less than market value because the restaurant would soon be vacant. Before we closed the transaction, we were able to secure a new restaurant lease on the property. The property was now valued at double the purchase price by the time we went to the closing table.

This transaction was a win-win for both the buyer and seller. Both parties ended up with better deals than at the start of the transaction due to the value of relationships, understanding the market, and moving swiftly to connect people to the right properties.

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